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Reliable Industrial Coating & Blasting For Metal and Concrete Structures

Prime Tech Coatings provides industrial coating solutions including; wet & dry abrasive sandblasting, floor coatings, waterproofing, cementitious repair services, crack injections, hydro blasting and metallic repairs. 

Some of the many specialty coatings applied include polymers, solvent and water borne single component material, catalyzed epoxies, zincs, vinyl esters, novalics, polyurethanes, elastomeric urethanes, polyureas, fluoroelastomers, phenolics, conductive coatings, thermal barrier coatings, thermal arc metallizing, marine coating stems, high temperature ceramic coatings, secondary containment & floor coating systems, lining coatings, rust prevention, polyester and powder coatings. 


Durable, reliable coating solutions for construction and industrial applications

Abrasive blasting for industrial applications and surface preparation

Coating and blasting solutions for yachting and marine industries

Floor coatings and waterproofing for buildings, and containment structures